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Monstercat Silk


by Jay FM

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Voices 05:33
Destiny 05:20


Hailing from Sligo, Ireland, Jay FM has been an ambassador of the chillout genre throughout this decade, with an early highlight in his discography arriving in 2012 (the wonderful "Emotion In Motion" EP). Recently, he displayed his versatile gifts as a composer by contributing the deep-progressive gem "Connected," which appeared on our "Autumn Selections 02" EP. His latest offering features four cuts, including a collaboration with singer-songwriter Andrea Willson, who adds a soulful dimension to Jay FM's already emotive sound.

"Voices" evokes a distinctly subterranean feeling; we are awakened in a vast enclosure made up of dark, reverberating textures, as cavernous sonic droplets splash against the silence. Lively percussion lights a path, through which we are slowly guided by haunting vocal pads. Halfway into the track, we approach the buildup, which lays down lively trance keys alongside a thumping bass. Now out in the open, the track's myriad vocal cuts, textures, percussion, and echoing keys create a symphonic storm.

In "Moonlight," a mellow soundscape blankets our senses, as we fall into the somber haze of the song's introduction. At the 30-second mark, a pulsing bass enters the arrangement, flanked by metallic jingles that evoke the precision of a machine. By the one-minute mark, Andrea Willson's sensual vocals seamlessly flow into the aural expanse. She contributes a soulful flair that manages to crack the metallic exterior, exposing reverberating strings and a bass progression that basks us in the shade of late-night reflections.

"Destiny" maintains the chill essence of its release predecessor, "Moonlight," while deploying an intricate array of percussion that fill in the gaps. If in "Moonlight" we viewed a celestial body from the ground, now our perspective is shifted to space, where we look down at our previous selves and reflect upon life from the highest of altitudes. Gorgeous atmospheric effects dot the track, each like an individual star hanging in the infinite echo of the composition. Ethereal textures splash like waves against sharp snare hits and ultimately evaporate within a vocal crescendo, which encapsulates the song.

Stripping away the main vocals from "Moonlight," Jay FM exposes us to an atmospheric waltz. The track's subtle sway carries with it a longing for the melancholic memories of years past as well as the hopeful promise of years still left to be lived. The low-end resonance, upon which the track is built, creates a heaviness that is released with each percussive hit. The Dub Mix is an essential piece of the release, leaving us with a fully realized experience; it highlights the depth and precision of Jay FM's craft.


released March 5, 2018


all rights reserved



Jay FM Sligo, Ireland

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